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Family, children, home work, and career, are all very important aspects of a woman?s life. Sometimes it may seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day for girl time. If you are planning a much-needed girl?s get-together, and want to venture beyond the tried and true (dinner and a movie), consider the following ideas for a memorable girls-night-out. These will not only get you closer but also rejuvenate your body and spirit:

Flea market Bingo-shopping: Create a shopping list with your gals with all the bargain items you want to purchase. Make a copy of this list for all your gals, and hit the flea market. Your list can be made of regular items or a mixture of regular and quirky items. Each lady has to find all the items on the list in the shortest amount of time. The lady who wins (who gets the maximum number of items in the allotted time), gets her purchases for free, courtesy of her friends!

Signature Drink Contest: Invite all your girlfriends over. Inform them about the signature drink contest. They have to design a delicious drink that resembles their personality. You can inform your friends beforehand so that they can bring the ingredients with them. Each friend has to taste all the drinks, and everyone has to guess who made which drink. This will be a great fun.

Potluck Picnic: Choose a scenic picnic spot for your get-together. This can be a garden, beach, or park. Everyone has to make an item that they love and bring it to the potluck picnic. To liven things up, you can have a theme potluck such as all Chinese food, or only vegetarian food etc. This will make for a memorable picnic!

Clothing Swap: Organize a clothing drive with your gals. Take these clothes and donate them to the nearest women?s shelter. You can also organize a clothing swap with your friends, where each friend brings new, unused clothing and exchanges them for the same with another friend. This is a wallet-friendly and enjoyable treat for everyone!

Extreme scrapbooking: Take a print out of all your photos with the gals. Book a vacation with them to places like New York City or Vegas. Spend your day scrapbooking and your evenings with dinner and dance. At the end of your trip, you will have a memorable scrapbook and vacation behind you.

Challenge yourself: Make a list with your gals about things you would like to do but are afraid to. Plan a day where you can carry out the items on the list. Whether it is conquering your fear of falling, or learning to swim, doing so with your gal pals will give you a lot of support, not to mention a lot of laughs.

Planning your next girl?s night out? Think outside the box, and consider one of the 6 ideas mentioned above. You will surely have a blast!