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Girls are always known as impulsive buyers as all they care for while shopping is designs and colors and trends. If you are also among those girls and end up splurging hundreds every alternate month on your wardrobe, you need to realize that somewhere you are going wrong with your shopping habits. Why not become a careful shopper by following some of the tips listed below:

Check The Fabric For Durability And Feel

You should start evaluating the fabric by starting how it feels on your skin. It should be light enough to touch. Then check for its durability by crushing a corner of the fabric in your hand. Several fabrics are very light and get damaged after a single wash.

Analyze Detailed Construction

Carefully notice the detailed construction like buttons, sequins, and beading of the clothing. The quality of all these materials defines the quality of the clothing and should be properly attached. Avoid clothing on which glue is used to hold these details as it will come off as you wear.

Check The Stitching

The thinner the thread, the poorer is the quality of the fabric and the faster it will come off from the stitches. Prefer fabrics that come with double stitching as they are more durable.

Check For Additional Fabric

High-end clothing will always have some additional fabric so that you can accommodate yourself even when you put on some weight or want to change the style of the clothing.

Don’t Trust The Quality Unless You Read The Tag

Don’t believe that the silk scarf or the cashmere sweater you loved is actually silk or 100% pure cashmere just because you feel so. Read the tag before you empty out your wallet on such stuff.

Check The Density Of The Fabric

Checking the density of the fabric is quite easy. All you need to do is to hold it in front of the light source and check the amount of light filtering them in. The stronger fabrics won’t allow too much of light to pass from them.

So next time you go shopping, don’t just get carried away with everything that you like and become a smart shopper who knows how to differentiate between good and bad stuff.