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Ask any woman how long will she take to get ready for an outing and pat comes the reply that she will hardly take five minutes. But are these five minutes really just five minutes? Ask any man and he will tell you that these five minutes are long enough to make them miss the party. There is no doubt to the fact that men find it extremely hard to wait for women to get ready. If this has been the constant reason of argument in your relationship, wouldn?t it be great if you learn the tricks of getting ready in actually FIVE minutes? Read on to know how to look good in just five minutes:

Concealer: Start by hiding your dark circles with a concealer. In fact it takes only about 30 seconds to apply concealer perfectly. Take a small amount on your fingertips or a brush and apt gently on your skin.

BB Cream: You can easily term a BB cream as your best friend. In fact just a dab of BB cream can help you skip concealer, foundation, highlighter, anti-aging cream, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one go. A real time saver! Pick the best cream to see visible results.

A perfect eye liner or eye shadow: Some women may take several minutes to get their eyes ready. In fact a basic eye liner is enough for an outing. If this also takes time, you can also skip using an eye liner and use a matching eye shadow. You can do this is less than 2 minutes and that too with utmost perfection.

Blush: A blush is the product that makes all the difference to your look. Don?t go for too much color and try to keep it simple with a single color. Use light brush strokes around your cheek bones.

Lip gloss: You are not ready unless you wear a lipstick or a lip gloss. While lipsticks need you to use lip liners too, which may take a lot of time, you can easily save some time by wearing a lip gloss.

Organizing all your stuff at one place will surely save you a lot of time in looking for that perfect lip or nail shade that goes with your dress. De-clutter your vanity as soon as you can and keep all your cosmetics handy.