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I think it’s safe to say that the internet had become quite conventional by the year 1996. Why is that important to know, well that simply means that it’s been over a decade since experts last said that “the internet will be the only means of connectivity in the future”. So we’re here now, it’s the future and apparently ‘connectivity’ means that the corner recycler you have gets a website of its own.

Why? Who knows… and with that understanding, websites appear to be popping up by the millions out of the abyss of “ooooh! Let’s make a website for no apparent reason”.
Most of these websites hardly think about what their clients want from them, or else why would they still be doing stuff like:

Forcing You To Make An Account That Is Absolutely Pointless
You’ve been there, right? Searching through the internet, finding a website that you think seems fairly interesting, so you begin to browse through the pages, and you start buying. You’re happy, you’re clicking away, adding things to the cart and when it’s all said and done, and it’s time to pay …

But wait! What’s this? “You must Create an Account In order to Purchase Your Items”
What? Who? When? Where? How? But, why, why in God’s name would you do that? So, what do I do? I leave. Apparently, I’m not the only one that does that. In fact, over 45% of clients who go through the same process will bail from purchasing any item at all.
And that’s not the only thing, what about “the promise”, you know that promise, the one where they say that they’ll…

Provide You With “Useful Information”, It’s Just Behind All That Nonsensical Garbage
Let’s say you’re searching for an online coupon. You’ve heard so much about them and the great deals they offer, you couldn’t just pass it up. So, your search for a coupon and what do you get? All the information about why you should buy it and how much it’s for, but what you’re really looking for is information about the product and if that coupon is really worth it.

You’ve pretty much spent an entire hour looking at the coupon, while constantly being pulverized by millions and bazillions of pop up ads that seem to drive you away from the actual purchase. Guess what! They did…

People usually look at online shopping as a way to avoid all the hassle of going to a store, because apparently, walking or driving to get what you want is so retro. However, it’s not all that bad you know; there are a few websites that may make online shopping really easy, so keep focusing on your search and you’ll find one.

That’s pretty much it with all the advancement in technology. The future still has a lot of kinks to work out, so you’ll excuse me as I toss my computer out the window, since I just bought a potato chip that looks like Richard Nixon on eBay, what? It said free shipping, shut up!