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Launching a product without getting reviewed or tested has an impact in many ways. Product testing is one of the easiest ways to help your product reach to the specific targeted audience. There are numerous free testers/bloggers available, who review products for free which indirectly helps in gaining a great market value.With the help of social media bloggers are targeting audience from similar niches because of which Influencer marketing has suddenly taken a stance in the marketing industry. Here, in this article, we have covered how you can get freebies for testing/reviewing.

How to start with?

Becoming a blogger sounds interesting, isn’t it? The thought of getting free products from renowned brands adds to the excitement. It is a bit tedious task, but once you get on the game, you will be flooded with a lot of free products.

Product Testing

You can’t just start by reaching out to specific product providers, beforehand you have to do a lot of research on each and every product on which you will be working on and build a profile consisting of followers from the same niche. If you are about to review a cosmetic product, you have to research both the pros and cons of the products and its suitability on different skin type. So yes, you need a good knowledge before getting started.

 Sign Up To Testing Websites

To start with testing experience, you have to sign up to a website that acts as an intermediary between you and a company who will be providing products for testing. Once you sign up, you will be instigated by customer service. In most cases, you will be asked to fill a form mentioning about products you wish to test for. Sites like producttestingusaInfluensterMcCormick Corporation and a lot more who help you test their products for free.

 What sort of products can be tested?

Well, once you have sufficient followers you don’t really have to narrow down your testing experience. You can test almost all type of products from cosmetics to food, cleaning products to daily essential products. Again, before you start on, you have to gain as much as knowledge from prominent sources.

Complete a survey and get paid!

There are certain websites who pay for completing a survey. Larger the length of survey greater is the point! You have to go through a list of questions and fill sensible answers to get points in return. Once you have gathered sufficient points you will be able to redeem these to coupons, PayPal payments and lot more.


Testing Experience & Products

There are ample of websites which allows you to sign up for user testing. It is quite different from product testing. In product testing, you get a sample of products to test, whereas in user testing you have to visit certain websites or apps and the complete set of tasks and at the end, you can also send a feedback on your overall experience on the user interface. All these points help them to build user-friendly sites. On an average, User Testing site pays around $20 for testing video and lot more.

Above mentioned points will surely help you to get access to freebies and help you grow as an influencer in the marketing industry.