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Forget the hassle of waiting in long queue for entering and exiting the shopping centre. With Amazon Go, all you need is go and shop whatever you want. Rest is all taken care of by Amazon itself.

There is no human staff working in Amazon Go store. Just check-in the store using a code on the Amazon Go app on your device. They will charge you for the products you leave the store with. Not to mention, the payment is made through the credit card details attached to the Amazon Go account.

The entire Amazon shopping process revolves around the Amazon Go app. Please spare some time, download for iOS or Android.

You can get In and Out fast
Scan the app in one of the entrance gates and put whatever you want in the shopping bag. When you grab a product from the shelf, the same automatically gets added to the virtual basket. You can find numerous varieties of daily needs products. What you can find in a mini supermarket, the same thing you can get inside Amazon Go without any hassle.

Cameras and Sensors Everywhere

The out-of-sight technology embedded inside the Amazon Go provides a shopping pleasure like no other. There is no cashier or registers for any entry or record maintenance. Shoppers exit the gate with their goods without the need to pause and pull cards for payment. Amazon charges for whatever they take out of the exit gate.

One thing is quite unusual; there isn’t any baskets or shopping carts inside the store. But it seems logical though. Since there aren’t any intermediate steps during the checkout process the need for baskets and then putting them into shopping bags can be a tedious idea. Instead, visitors put the items directly into the shopping bag they will step out with.

The technology and their response are so great if you put an item in your bag, the product is automatically added to the shopping cart of the online account. If the customers put back the product on the shelf, the same gets removed from their virtual basket as well.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is the key component of Amazon Go store.

If you are reading through, you might have got a fair idea about the way things work inside the Amazon Go store. Yes, Machine learning and artificial intelligence is the backstage artist running this automatic store. To make sure you get a pleasant experience inside the store, cameras and sensors are embedded everywhere to track your purchases. The whole system makes sure you are charged for exactly what you walked out of the store with.

Got a busy lifestyle: Visit Amazon Go store today

Amazon Go is preferred by people who are busy with their schedule and need the rapid grocery-shopping experience. If you have any doubt regarding shoplifting, there is no way out. The moment you step out of the store, Amazon sends an electronic receipt regarding your shopping, and the feeling fades away in the air.