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Whether you want to nurture the scraped elbows or skinned knees or wrap the sprained ankle, it is really important to have proper first aid material both at home and on the go. Accidents can happen anytime and thus preparation is critical to ensure wellbeing of the family. Packing the first aid kit neither needs fortune nor lot of time. All you need to do is gather the essentials to cope up with unexpected injuries.

Here are must-haves first aid kit essentials that you must keep in the kit:

First Aid Manual: It is very important to keep a first aid manual in your first aid kit so that it can guide you through the emergency situations. This manual offers tip to clean and treat wounds, stop nose bleeding, bandage the cuts and scrapes and treat the frost bite. This guide will help you deal with emergencies when stranded on road side or experience a minor emergency at home.

Assorted Bandages: It is essential to include assorted bandages in your first aid kit. Include adhesive strips, first aid tape, butterfly closures, finger bandages, knuckles and other necessary bandages in the kit. You can find bandages in assorted sizes and shapes in the market to choose from, but remember to store them in different zip-top bags. Add keep the sterile burn sheets, elastic tensor bandage and gauze rolls. Don?t forget to keep a pair of scissors, tweezers and pocket knife to cut the bandage and remove the splinters.

Antiseptic and Ointment: It is very important to maintain a sterile environment when an injury occurs to prevent any chance of infection. Make sure there are right tools in the kit to clean the wounds or cuts, sanitary cloth and hand sanitizer. Also include the antibiotic cream to prevent the chances of infection and to treat burns and bug bite keep Aloe Vera gel. Add non-latex gloves to apply the ointment or antiseptic during emergencies.

Medication: At times it is important to administer medication in case of emergency. Thus, it is advisable to pack few prescription drugs to the first aid kit to keep the injured comfortable. Some of the must-have medications include Aspirin for pain, Ipecac for poisoning, anti-diarrhea medicine.

Instant Compress: To treat pains and aches it is important to ensure that the kit includes ice and heat pack. It is recommended to include instant compress to reduce the swelling. The instant compress machine can release temperature as low as 25 degree Fahrenheit and as high as to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Food and Water: It is recommended to pack some energy and protein bars and few compact snacks in the kit. For diabetic emergencies include some glucose gels and flavored gel packs. The water in the first aid kit will help you hydrate the body and also might help in cleaning kits, scrapes and wounds. Keeping water handy can help you prevent medical emergencies and complications.

Apart from these don?t forget to add flashlight in the first aid kit to ensure that you are never left in dark when stranded in dark.?