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Did you know people judge you by the cars you drive? No doubt, women infer about the financial background of a man by the car he drives. But the choice of the car also speaks volume about your personality. The choice of the car gives a sneak peek in the personality and lifestyle. Here is what the following vehicles tell about you:

Hummer: This makes you stand in the ?Big daddy? category. This makes you look powerful. If your man owns it you can be sure of one thing, he is take-charge type. So, be ready to take the commands from him all through the time.

Minivan: If you have a crush on a guy who drives the minivan, then warn yourself! He might either be married or on soon to wear a wedding ring or soon he will start his journey to a new family. But, it can also mean, he is still driving his mom?s car.

Lexus or BMW or Mercedes: These cars signify nothing less than performance and luxury. This signifies that the man has a great sense of prestige and responsiveness. Also, these men are conservative. But in case they own convertible cars, then he is of a free spirit.

Trucks: One thing you can be sure about a man who owns a truck is that they are pretty down-to-earth. You can surely count on them when you are in trouble or there is something that needs to be done. They don?t fall for the looks they are interested in getting the things done.

Prius: This car shouts out loud that the driver is responsible. Also, it tells that the driver loves Mother Earth. One thing you might miss is that Prius drivers are frugal! This car operates at a very low cost.

Subaru: The men that own Subaru are deemed to be athletic and rugged. They have adventurous streak and love almost all adventure sports. So, if you are a girl who hates adventure, steer clear of the men who own Subaru.

So, next time when you fall for some guy, don?t forget to check what car he owns! This will give you an idea about their personality.?