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The mystery of Bermuda triangle is completely alluring. Unlimited accounts of planes and ships disappearing have made this zone one of the most debatable zones on the entire map. Also known as ?Devil?s Triangle? people recount stories of how they were stuck in the area and their tales of horror or how they witnessed entire ships or planes disappearing all of a sudden. Going by the number of stories regarding the mystery of Bermuda triangle and its effects on the travelers, it surely makes sense to find out the real reasons behind the more than average accident rates.

Bermuda triangle actually refers to the area between Puerto Rico, Southern tip of Florida and a small Caribbean island known as Bermuda. The whole region covers a vast expense of Atlantic Ocean and runs into thousands of miles. Since the area is so vast, it forms a part of a number of important international sea routes. The entire area is a part of one of the most ferocious parts of the ocean and is a regular witness to some of the most violent hurricanes and storms. If we see all these factors in union, we can easily understand the reason behind the high accident rate in Bermuda triangle. This can be true for any other state highway that sees such a large amount of traffic. So the devilish Bermuda triangle is no more sinister or devilish or mysterious than any other location on the earth.

It is amazing to know that strange stories around Bermuda Triangle came into existence only in the modern times. There are few evidences of native tribes ascribing the mysterious significance. Anecdotal evidences date back to Christopher Columbus. Until 20th Century the news of the paranormal activities started circulating.

All we can say is that there is no end to human fascination. Small stories engrossed in facts transform into legends over the time. In fact almost every person on the earth has a fascinating tale to narrate about UFOs or ghosts and even Bermuda triangle and it will continue to remain so for hundreds of years to come.?