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Modern society is obsessed with the stigma that it is okay for an older man to date a younger woman, but its big faux pas for an older woman to date a younger man. Unfortunately, women who are in relationships with younger men are labeled with demeaning names such as cougar and cradle robber. Meanwhile, older men who are dating younger women are termed as stallions. If you are about to fall head over heels for a younger guy or are in a relationship with one, start by shutting the door to all these social taboos and stigmas. Then sit back, and enjoy what could arguably be one of the best things that happened to you, dating a younger guy!

Consider the following reasons why dating a younger man might be more worth your while:

Fun Factor

Dating in general is fun, especially the first few dates when you are learning about each other. As we age, men and women get tied up with career and professional responsibilities, leave little or next to no scope for enjoyment. You won?t be faced with this predicament with younger men. They usually adopt an experimental approach in dating, and being with one is definitely similar to being on a roller coaster ride.

Accept differences, and look forward to similarities

If the guy you are with is several years younger than yourself, then you can expect some differences. The quickly you get over these the better it would be for your relationship. Instead of feeling depressed about how much older you are then your man, focus on what attracted you to him in the first place. Focus on what is compatible between the two of you. Adopting a positive approach will help you get over bigger hurdles later on.

Youth revisited

Depending on the age difference, a younger man may be from a different generation. So you might enjoy a quiet stroll through the park, while he prefers clubbing with his friends. Instead of trying to get your way, compromise and give in to his whims. He will have to do the same for you. You will soon discover the youthful side that was hidden away, under all that career and responsibility stuff!


Being the older one in your relationship, he will be watching you take charge of your professional and personal life. This will inspire him and make him feel proud of being with a woman who is independent and takes care of herself.

Living in the present

You will find that younger men aren’t too concerned about the future, they prefer to live in the present. This is sometimes a very good thing, because it helps not to be always focused on saving for retirement, and paying off EMIs, which can be stressful. It will definitely help you appreciate how fun life can be.

Dating a guy, whether younger or older, has it?s unique challenges. If you are about to commit to a younger man, ensure that he is able to balance his fun-loving nature with his mature side, and is serious about wanting to be with you. Happy Dating!