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Dogs are mostly considered to be a man?s best friends and the perfect buddies to return home to but are all dog species that warm, loving and friendly? Probably not! There are several dog species in the world which are known to be brutal, angry and even dangerous.? Certain breeds have earned terrible reputations because of their vicious natures, violent interactions, lethal bites and the danger they pose to humans. It is true that most of these breeds can be tamed by giving proper amount of training but still remain dangerous. If you are a dog lover and are thinking of bringing one home, then you must definitely know about the most dangerous dog breeds. The following is a list of the 8 most dangerous dog species in the world.

Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are the most aggressive and dangerous dog breeds in the world and are responsible for many deaths across the world. These dogs require a great deal of training to have them as pets and can be tamed through love and extensive training programs. Pitt Bull owners have reported to face a hard time trying to get the dog to calm down in front of strangers.


Between the year 1993 and 1996, this dog breed was responsible for causing half the deaths caused by dog bites in the US.? They are super strong and very aggressive and this combination of features makes Rottweilers one of the most dangerous dog species in the world.? They have a very powerful bite but can be tamed through proper training.

German Shepherd

The bite of a German shepherd can easily injure and even kill anyone. Studies show that this dog breed has the tendency to attack smaller dogs and many of them have even attacked humans even on being unprovoked.? These dogs serve as police dogs these days due to their aggressive and dangerous nature. They may be very popular among pet owners but need to be given several days of training.

Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans can be aggressive towards strangers and there was a time when they served as police dogs.? Their size and strength makes them a dangerous breed and cases of deaths due to their bite or attack are common. They thus find a place on this list.


Bullmastiffs are intimidating and huge sized dogs which can even reach to weights of about 130 pounds. They are bred as guard dogs and this is another reason that they usually have aggressive temperaments.? Bullmastiffs have been known to cause several lethal bites and attacks and need extensive training to be tamed.


Husky is mostly known to be a sled dog because it is strong, energetic and highly athletic. These breed is not intended to be social and is usually not considered to be a pet breed. Husky dogs are aggressive and several cases of Husky bites have been reported, thus making this breed yet another dangerous dog breeds.

Great Dane

These large, imposing and dangerous dogs are thought to be killing machines because one bite from them can make you go to the hospital.? They can definitely be tamed and calmed if proper training is given but still prove to be very dangerous dog specie. Great Danes are often not chosen to be pets by many because of their vicious and aggressive attitude.


These dogs descended from hunting dogs and were earlier used as guard and attack dogs. They have powerful jaws and their bites can run really deep. Families use these dogs for security purposes till date and they have earned a reputation for being headstrong.? They have also caused certain fatalities in the last few years and this is one reason why this breed is on the list of the most dangerous dogs in the world.