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Not every one of us has a brave heart. Some of us decide to hide under the bed while watching a scary movie, others go inside their wardrobes if they hear a creak in the house, but if you are one of the brave ones who loves discovering new places, and searching for paranormal existence, then you should definitely be visiting some of these haunted houses.

Most of the stories connected to these houses are legends that have been passed from one generation to the other; some have proven to be true, while others still possess a big question mark.

Here are some of the most terrifying haunted houses in the world:

The Sallie House, Atchison, Kansas

This place has everything you would expect from a haunted house ? right from strange animal and human noises in the night to phantom furniture and human body parts flying around. Some of the residents of the house have also seen bruises and scars on their body which they do not even remember getting.

The house, which has been shown in both TV and movies, is assumed to be haunted by a little girl called Sallie, but as the time went by, it was also believed that more entities entered the house. But nobody still knows how these entities can move the furniture in the house.

Stewards House, Dublin, Ireland

It has been believed that this house was haunted ever since it was developed in 1765. There have been numerous stories of a ghostly black cat with red eyes which was seen roaming around the house. People have also reported incorporeal ringing bells and strange figures roaming around the house. The Stewards House was a restaurant in the 1990s, but it closed down in 2001, and now it is a private residence.

Riddle House, Florida

Located in Palm Beach, Florida, the Riddle House was initially built as a funeral parlour, and it was owned by the city manager, Karl Riddle in the 1920s, which is how the house got its name. In 1995, it was decided to dismantle the house and move it to Yesteryear Village in South Florida.

But the construction workers reported several paranormal activities when they were dismantling and reconstructing the house.

Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Located in Central Java, Indonesia, this house is an important historical landmark which was built during the colonial era. Because of the house being so old, many ghost sightings have been reported by people here. Many have seen a Dutch lady roaming the halls of the building and headless bodies floating.

This building has also been featured on TV when they did find a ghost on the camera.

Moore House, Iowa

In 1912, the Moore House became the witness of the famous and still unsolved Villisca Axe Murders where six members of the Moore family along with their two house guests were murdered with an axe.

Right after the murder, reports started coming in of paranormal sightings. People claimed to have heard children crying during the night and a man roaming with an axe.

Quinta da Juncosa

This is a farmhouse, which once belonged to the Baron of Lages, is now assumed to be haunted by him and his family. It is believed that when the Baron doubted his wife was cheating on him, he tied her to her horse and dragged her around the farm till she died.

But after her death, when Baron discovered he was wrong, he killed his children and then killed himself. It is believed that because of his guilt, Baron?s spirit has still not been able to leave his farm.

Lalaurie Mansion, Louisiana

This house was owned by Delphine Lalaurie in the 1900s. She was a rich New Orleans socialite, and she also owned hundreds of slaves who were kept in the house. Legend has it, Delphine would regularly torture the slaves and killed many.

It is believed that even now the slaves, along with Delphine, roam around the house. In fact, the Lalaurie Mansion is so famous that it has been featured on several TV shows, and people can go for a tour of the house to see how slaves were treated by Lalaurie.

Which of these haunted houses would you want to visit?