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However hard you try to stick to your budget, there are several things for which you end up paying a lot more than you would have, in case you had exercised some smart shopping tips. Wondering what they are? Read on to know top 6 things for which you might be overpaying without even realizing:

Art: Art is one of the few things for which there is no hard and fast rule of pricing. You can never know the worth of the work that you are going to buy. Unless you are buying from an investment point of view, there is no need to buy art work at overwhelming prices.

Air fresheners: You really don?t need to spend even a single dollar on air fresheners. You can in fact make an excellent air freshener at home just by using a few spoons of baking soda and a splash of your favorite fabric softener. For better handling, fill this in your empty air freshener bottle.

Medicines: Everyone knows that branded medicine are more expensive then generic medicines. Next time you visit your doctor; ask him to prescribe you generic medicines. They are as effective as the branded ones.?

Cleaning products: Dump several cleaning products that you shelf in your bathroom. Instead mix 1 part of dishwashing soap with 2 parts of vinegar and use it to get sparkling clean tiles, buckets and floor. This easy home-made cleaning product is awesome and provides visible results. Also, it is gentle on your skin as it has fewer chemicals.

Music: Even though you may not feel the pinch of a monthly subscription of $10 for your favorite music subscription. But you will surely feel the pain when you get to know that it adds up to $120 annually. Look up to your favorite music or videos online. There are several options like YouTube where you can download any music absolutely free.

Drugstore shopping: Of course it is impossible to beat the offers that you can find at a drug store, there are several ways to increasing your savings. Look for several online coupons to get further discounts.

While you try to do everything that you can to save every little penny, these shopping tips can surely help you save yourself from overspending. This saved money can later be used to add to your leisure trips!