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These days most couples believe in having a single child, but experts are of the opinion that siblings are extremely important part of family legacy. Sibling bond is great to experience. The sibling relationship and budding friendship is worth capturing. Though, it need not be photographically perfect.

If you are also planning sibling portfolio then are five tips to photographing siblings:

Be precise in your directives: To make sure you get great pictures you must use all your parental communication skills. You need to be extremely clear when giving the instructions. For example, instead of saying ?Hug him? say ?Get your cheeks closer? or ?Put your head on his right shoulder?. This will help you get pictures you are looking for.

Contain them: It becomes easier to photograph siblings if they are contained. You can easily focus on encouraging engagement for lively and fun shots rather than worrying about one running off the frame. Some cool moments can be while they are enjoying a ride in the wagon, dip in the pool or playing in the playhouse. These are great to capture the touching images.

Always use continuous shooting mode: All good cameras have a setting of continuous shooting mode. So, use it well. This is because moments between the siblings happen quickly. It is just matter of minutes that they will go wild in love to wild in war. A continuous shooting mode will help you capture each moment. You will surely love seeing these images later.

Shutter speed must be high: To ensure there is no blurred chaos, it is important to keep the shutter speed high when you are photographing siblings. Most DSLR cameras have the option of setting the Shutter Speed Priority. It will help you capture the kids jumping on trampoline or playing in pool or running together.

Puckering: Photographs that document the sibling relationships are great. Ask the kid to give high five or kiss each other to get the right emotion. Other situations you must look out for are siblings feeding each other, discovering a bird or fish in the pond.?

You will find countless moments when the kids engage with each another and try to document them for developing a great sibling portfolio.?