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For an eCommerce store in order to maintain customer satisfaction, a greater level of accessibility and consumer support is required. Chatbots were crafted to give customers enhanced support with online retailers. Chatbots is a new technology that lets customers have a conversation with human-like software in the form of messaging. This new technology lets customers get personalized recommendations, ask questions or even purchase a product.

Here is a compiled list of 5 ways how chatbots can improve your e-commerce store:

Collecting Customer Feedback and Data

Apart from customer service, this new form of analytics has the capacity to gather immense customer data. By using chatbots on your eCommerce website you could probably take a short survey on customer’s experience which would assist you to make decisions on future enhancements for your eCommerce store.

It Creates a More Personalized Engagement with the Customer

As stated earlier chatbots, a new technology lets customers have an interaction with human-like software in the form of messaging. This interaction can be tailor-made to your audiences and can serve as a manuscript of what an actual customer service representative would say.

It Can Assist In Increasing Leads

Customer satisfaction is the key aspect of the e-commerce industry. Chatbots have enhanced the customer experience by its ability to provide appropriate and valued information. The AI in chatbots can be customized and programmed. The Chabot can be programmed accordingly depending on the customer’s choices and responsiveness thereby creating an experience that the customer is likely to enjoy. By doing this it could help you in generating more leads.

Reduced Costs

Chatbots are capable enough to provide effective customer assistance by providing relevant and valued information instantly. This has led to the reduction of human support for customer service. Now day’s companies are more in favour of chatbots rather than hiring a customer representative. This has helped to reduce the cost of hiring.

24X7 Availability

Almost all eCommerce stores target customers across the globe. Hiring a customer service representatives for 24X7 is not a viable option for businesses due to the cost this service incurs. Rather using a chatbot on your eCommerce website would be a feasible solution and a reliable substitute that your customer can use at any time and from anywhere.