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Games of Thrones has been constantly reminding us that ?winter is coming? but it seems like the season of the cold has finally knocked on the door.? While many love the winters, the fog and snuggling in the cozy blankets, for some this season is just too unbearable.? There is a huge population of people out there who hate winters with all their heart and can?t stand the cold dry season.? If you too aren?t much of a winter lover yourself, then you will be able to relate to the following 15 struggles of those who hate winters:

It?s so cold all the time! – For those who hate winters, there is no escape from the cold-both outdoors and indoors. No matter how many layers of clothes they wear, they can?t run away from the cold!

The days are so short – During winters, the days end just too quickly and this may be something which winter-haters don?t quite like. The short days and long nights can be so frustrating!

Runny nose all day long – Winters simply translate to constant sneezing and a runny nose the entire season long. This can be too much of a burden for some.

The bed is too chilly to sleep on – The bed is a place to get cozy and warm but not in winters! If left uncovered, it can be a chilly surface which might not seem as welcoming.

After getting comfortable, getting up is a big challenge – Getting comfortable is the first major problem but once you are comfortable and cozy enough, getting up and away from the warm blanket becomes a hugely daunting task.

All the layers make me look like a huge person – The layers and layers of clothes can make anyone look like a big and fat teddy bear and this is another something which winters offer.? The 5-6 layers only add to your overall appearance and may take the attractiveness of the curves away. How sad is that?

Taking a shower is just impossible – No matter how warm the water is, taking a shower seems like an impossible task to fulfil, especially in the mornings.? Will the winters ever leave?

Waiting for the geyser to heat up is an endless task – Now that you have decided to take a bath, waiting for the geyser to get all heated up seems just too endless.

Cant flaunt all the lovely clothes I have – When you put on layers and layers of clothes, then flaunting of the fancy items may not be possible. Winters basically mean repeating the same warm jackets again and again!

Chapped lips, dry skin and bad hair days! – Winters means having dry skin, super chapped lips and really bad hair days, thanks to the caps that one has to wear all day long.? Just imagine how much one has to spend on moisturizers and conditioners.

Winters: eating more! – To beat the winter blues, most of us tend to eat a lot more and put on weight on the already accumulating layers of clothes on the body. FAT is the only word in my mind right now.

Feeling terribly lazy – No matter how active and energetic you are in summers, winter time means feeling lazy and performing really bad at office and college.

Packing for a trip means carrying 10 suitcases – Packing for winter trips can be the most daunting task ever! Most of us tend to end up with 10 suitcases which are obviously impossible to carry!

The real struggle of frozen toes – Frozen toes can be really unpleasant but there is no escape from them in winters.

The toilet seats are punishing – Going to the toilet might seem like the biggest punishment ever!