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Nonsmokers are special creatures, those who might not experience the bliss of the drags and the high of the once in a day cigarette but these individuals also have much healthier lungs and more stamina than their smoker counterparts. ?But what happens when a nonsmoker has to hang out with a smoker? Well the smoker might enjoy the smoke but a nonsmoker has to go through quite a lot. Nonsmokers often grin and bear the smoke that they have to go through but the story is something else. The following are the 13 things which a nonsmoker deals with while hanging out with a smoker:

You always have to deal with the statement ?oh! So you don?t smoke?? over and over and over again. Well if only someone could tell them that you really cared about your health a tad bit more than them.

Smokers also ask you to give it a try even on your constant persistence for not showing interest in ruining your lungs. ?Well the next time you hear something like this, ask them to try sky diving without a parachute.

You also have to go through the pain of seeing your smoker colleagues get along with bosses over smoke breaks while you stay inside the cubicle wondering what they must be discussing. I?m sure you have often made the tough comparison between your career and your lungs.?

Another thing that you must have dealt with is the smoker?s cough just from passive smoking. Who said you needed to put one in your mouth to cough anyway?

You start having allergic reactions to various kinds of smokes including incense sticks and air pollution in general.?

You absolutely become an expert at fake smiling and telling your smoker pals to ?Go ahead, I?m cool about smoking?. Afterall, you don?t want to be ousted from a good group of buddies just over a smoke but what a pain that is!

You keep wondering what makes smoking so cool and never quite find an answer to the riddle. Afterall, how can something as hazardous be tagged as cool? Well, cool may be temporary but the supposedly ?uncool? is here to stay (for atleast a few more years than the cool).

You also must have been stuck in many parties full of chain smokers and felt like killing yourself. Well, patience is the key my friend, live with it for a while and then go out and breathe the fresh air while cursing your smoker buddies.

If you are dating a smoker, then your first course of action is to get him/her to quit. I?m sure you are practiced at using those emotional lines as your weapons here.

There would be many times when you would have felt like stealing all the cigarettes and lighters from your vicinity just to stop anyone from smoking around you and into you. The things you do for your health! Sigh!

You get used to convincing your friends to quit but in vain. You also get used to hearing a million excuses for not quitting. Well, what could you say to those convincing sentences like ?it?s not a big deal?.

When you are in a movie theatre and an anti-smoking advisory is shown, you are the only one who is not laughing and is serious. Your friends totally act like retards and you have to deal with it.

You are relieved when a smoker friend decides to give up smoking for a while and pray to god to put some sense into him to go permanent.?