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The internet is filled with several conspiracy theories. Each of them seems so intriguing but, most of them are false. They are either based on assumptions, or facts that do not match up. From unknown alien races to government spying in our homes, there have been a lot of them over the last few decades.

But, not all of them are false. There are some conspiracy theories that actually turned out to be true when they surfaced on the internet and in this post we will be covering all of them.

A suspicious heart attack gun

Reports started surfacing of a gun which could trigger a heart attack in a second. And finally, the CIA confirmed that this gun does exist in reality. The bullet in this gun is made of ice which is dipped in shellfish toxin.

Finding the mafia

Until the 1960s, people didn?t believe organized crime existed, even though there had been rumours for a long time. But Joe Valachi finally revealed the existence of mafia to the officials and their extent of control over the different branches of the government.

Gulf of Tonkin was staged

After Kennedy?s assassination, Gulf of Tonkin was a very important place for US from military point of view. In 1964, it was reported that three North Vietnamese torpedo boats had engaged with two of American destroyers. It was this incident which started the in famous Vietnam War.

But in 2016, it was revealed that this was only partially true and it was staged by the NSA.

CIA bribed witnesses

After months of speculations it was finally revealed that CIA did bribe witnesses to testify against Iraqi soldiers and execute them.

Asbestos can be dangerous

Asbestos was used widely between the 1930s and 1960. During this time, many people claimed that it could cause respiratory diseases, and even cancer.

But because of the influence of asbestos manufacturers and less research on cancer, scientists were not able to state this fact until 1964.

40-year old syphilis study

In order to learn more about syphilis, US States Public Health Service department carried out a study on 400 African American men from 1932 to 1972.

During the time, the patients were given inadequate or false treatments. Doctors also withheld treatments because they wanted to understand the disease more. At the end, 200 people had died because of syphilis.

Cancerous vaccines

After hundreds of reports emerged and several conspiracy theories were given, CDC agreed that tens of millions of Americans had received contaminated polio vaccines which were infected with cancer.

Operation Ajax

There was a time when British Petroleum and Iran had joint control over Iran?s oil fields. Because of this Anglo Iranian deal, Iran got shafted and the Anglo part got the major money.

When the Iranian parliament elected the Prime Minister, he decided to nationalise the oil reserves and cut all the ties with British Petroleum. US obviously did not like that either, that is why they decided to back up Shah of Iran and bring him back to the power. But the Iranian people had it enough. They lead an anti-American revolution to over throw the Shah and attack the US embassy.

Instead of telling the truth, US government decided to tell their people that this was all happening because of the rise of radical Islam in the country.

Operation Snow White

This was done by the mysterious Church of Scientology. In order to protect their own, the church enlisted 5,000 of its followers to infiltrate the US government branches. And when they were done, they had infiltrated 136 organizations, agencies and foreign agencies.

John F Kennedy?s Assassination

Till this day, there have been millions of theories behind why the President was assassinated in Dallas. When the House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) issued its final report in 1979, it was only able to state that it was a probable conspiracy.

This was because Oswald Harvey was supposedly working for the US government. He had worked with the government during the Cold War and also on a mission to Cuba.

Since he was probably a CIA agent, he also knew many of the other CIA agents. The committee called a number of agents for testifying, but all of them which had any relation to Oswald killed themselves a day before testifying.

Also, till this day, the tax records of Oswald haven?t been published. And that was probably because the US government was paying him.