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If you are someone who is outgoing, friendly, ready to talk to people and never shy of speaking up, then you must know about the challenges which every extroverted person has to face every day. I?m sure you know how it feels to be misunderstood as over-talkative and loud when you are just actually expressing your opinion.? Yes, people may judge you and think that you are all over the place all the time, but they have no clue about the problems that you have to face on an everyday basis. The following is a list of the 10 challenges which every extroverted person may have to face each day:

You get to hear a lot of ?don?t poke your nose in the matters of others?. Well being an extrovert definitely comes at a price but facing the trouble of hearing this can be a little too much to take. But who can make people understand that you are actually not poking your nose but showing your concern. Duh!

People think that you are being childish just because you cannot really stop talking and cannot sit in one place all the time.? Ask these people, what?s so wrong about having extraordinarily high levels of energy and a passion for life?

A lot of people will think that you are hitting on them just because you go on and on about things in general. How hard is it to explain that just because you are talking to them (quite a lot) doesn?t mean you have a crush. Ask them to go get a life!

Many of your friends and relatives think that you are always trying to ?steal their thunder? because you happen to be more fabulous than them, even on their best day. Yes, it can be very challenging to convince people that you are not ?trying? to be the center of attraction but were just born that way.

You are always over enthusiastic about several things in life and are easily put off when your shy and introvert friends are ?not in the mood? to go dancing, to go to a music thing or go talk to a bunch of strangers in the bar.

A lot of people tell you to ?tone it down? or try to lower down the ?animated levels? in you. Just because you talk with your hands as much as with your mouth doesn?t mean that you are being loud but that?s just so hard to explain.

Just because you talk a lot most of the times, people often mistake you for being a little less intellectual and a little less sophisticated.? Sophistication doesn?t always come from speaking less but that?s a concept which goes amiss with so many people out there. Sigh!

The very idea of shutting up in a move theatre makes you uneasy and is rather quite depression. But despite special instructions from your friends and parents, you end up being a chatter box.

When you are low or less talkative as usual, people start feeling that something terrible has happened to you. Well it?s not your responsibility to be a chatter box at all times, even if you are that on 360 days out of 365.

People automatically assume that it is your moral responsibility to keep everyone around you happy and to make everyone laugh at social events, birthday parties and other events. If you fail to do so, they give you the looks which can be pretty demanding.?